Key Contacts.



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VP Welfare and Diversity


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VP Societies and sport


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Student Voice Manager

Natalie bates

I’m responsible for making sure students at Royal Holloway have a voice that is listened to and acted upon. Through our officers, representatives and campaigns the union makes life better here for students. If you face any issues the student voice team are here to make sure you have support and guidance every step of the way.

01784 276749

democracy Coordinator

phill dowler

I'm responsible for coordinating and supporting a range of student-led democratic groups across the Union including Collectives and Executives as well as the associated elections. I also support the four Service Development Groups and facilitate the Bright Ideas platform, directing and supporting the student submissions.

01784 276702

Academic Representation coordinator

stefanie cooper

I’m responsible for supporting you in your Academic Rep journey. My job is to make life better for students through making sure they have a democratically elected voice to represent them in their academic life. Contact me if you need someone to talk to about the scheme.

01784 276709

Research and insight Coordinator

elise thornton

I am responsible for running Policy Inquiries and producing high quality research about the student experience at Royal Holloway. I’m here to support your elected officers and secure positive change at the College. If you think there’s a pressing issue that needs further investigation, feel free to drop me an email.

01784 276702