Royal Holloway Students' Union (RHSU) is a registered charity (Registered No: 1141998) and actively represents the students of Royal Holloway University of London.  Led by five sabbatical officers, 22 Executive officers and a team of permanent staff, RHSU promotes your needs and interests by offering employment, participation, bars & entertainment, support & advice, your clubs & societies, catering, transport, volunteering, campaigning and advocacy.  All of which complement your academic study, ensuring that your University experience is the best that it can be.

Our Students’ Union is run by the students for the students. But we could never do it without our permanent staff team, of both part-time and full-time employees, to support our activities. This diagram shows our organisational staff structure; the student staff roles are in the boxes with the broken lines. The lines show the line management structure but don’t take this as a set hierarchy. Every staff member is an equally valued member of the organisation.

From the huge range of clubs and societies available, to writing articles for the student media; from participating in democratic procedures at a General Meeting, to seeking advice & representation from our academic and welfare services; from actively partaking in a campaign, to working in one of our commercial venues, the Students’ Union is a central hub of activity just for you.

Every penny spent in the Students’ Union is ploughed straight back into maintaining, improving and developing the services and activities for students.  The main Union building on campus includes a large function hall, two bars, large social space on the first floor and the Union’s administrative offices.  Elsewhere on campus, the Union operates Medicine, a bar and games area designed by the creators of Ministry of Sound and The Stumble Inn, the campus pub.

The Students' Union also produces the legendary, annual 'Summer Ball', the premier social event at Royal Holloway.