Wellbeing Advice.

What can we help you with?

Our advisors are not wellbeing professionals, but they can offer you guidance and support on wellbeing matters. Unless you would prefer to speak to someone independent from the University, we would always recommend you use the University’s Wellbeing services.

If you need some guidance in finding the right wellbeing service or in making that first point of contact with them, then we’re here for you. We are happy to refer you to suitable services or to offer you moral support while you make that first call. We know that when we are overwhelmed, we all need a helping hand.

We will not share information about you with the University without your consent. The University’s Wellbeing services also follow strict confidentiality procedures. However, if you would prefer to use an external service, we can help you look for a suitable alternative.


The University offers a wide range of Wellbeing services free of charge. It is rare to have access to so much support, so we recommend you see what’s on offer and make use of it if necessary.

What do they offer?

1-2-1 triage and therapy via Skype, Teams or email. Online workshops can also be offered to groups of students on topics such an anxiety.

What do they offer?

1-2-1 advice via Skype, Teams or email. Continuation of academic adviser support and specialist mentor support via Skype or Teams.

What do they offer?

1-2-1 advice via Skype, Teams or email. Assessments of applications for the Study Support Grant by email.

What do they offer?

1-2-1 advice via Skype, Teams, email or call 07388 846131 (9am - 5pm) to speak to one of the team.

What do they offer?

1-2-1 support via Skype or Teams.

What do they offer?

1-2-1 triage and support via Skype, Teams or email. Continuation of support for students who are already in contact with the team.

What do they offer?

The Chaplains are able to offer particular support to those feeling isolated. Please contact Revd Dr Orion Edgar (Anglican Chaplain), Fr John Dickson (Catholic Chaplain) or Nisar Shaikh (Muslim Chaplain) for further support. In absence of public worship, and the temporary closure of the Chapel, the Chaplains are also broadcasting their worship on the Chaplaincy Facebook page (also available to catch up after the live broadcast).



  • Our healthcare page provides a range of external services you can access.
  • Every local council’s website will have information on what is available locally. If you live in Egham, check out Runnymede’s Health and Wellbeing page.

Environmental Health

Every local council has an Environmental Health & Private Housing department (often combined) who can help you with issues such as:

  • Health and safety risks in your rented home or in your area
  • Nuisances such as bonfires, noise, neighbour disputes
  • Drainage and flooding
  • Animal welfare

See Runnymede’s Environmental Health page for more information if you live in Egham.

Wellbeing Resources