At the Students' Union one core belief sits at the heart of everything we do and that's to make student life better at Royal Holloway.

In 2016 the Students’ Union launched a programme of significant positive transformation, to enable it to better serve its members and deliver more impact for students at Royal Holloway. Since this point, we have been through two periods of fundamental change. The first was characterised by the phrase ‘looking in’, as we rebuilt the organisation’s infrastructure into a modern charity delivering relevant student services aligned to a clear strategy.

The second phase, enabled by a wholescale review of our democratic structures, has focused on our role as the legitimate voice of Royal Holloway students. By looking out, we redesigned our research, policy and lobbying activities around the three key themes of student voice, student insight, and student interests. This has begun to drive forward a much more sophisticated and impactful agenda that really puts effective representation at the heart of the Students’ Union.

But we’re not complacent, we know there is still a lot more work to do, and we’re excited by the opportunities in front of us. Four years after the start of our transformation, we’ve again taken stock to ensure our plan is still relevant and fit for purpose. What’s Next III is the third resulting step in this journey, allowing us to sharpen some of our priorities and associated measures of success.

But we also recognise that our plan doesn’t sit in a silo. It launches at the same time as the University’s own new strategy which contains a renewed focus on how the institution can deliver positive outcomes for all students. The ideas contained within this plan are a broad articulation of the contribution we expect to make.

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