Staff Team.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, many of our permanent staff have been placed on furlough. The staff members who are still working and contactable can be found below. Any general enquiries should be emailed to

Senior Management Team

Chief Executive - Tom Flynn -
Head of Trading Services - Max Ross -
Head of Membership Support & Engagement - Abi Jesson -
Head of Finance & Business Reporting - Katie Marriner -
Head of Marketing & Communications - Michael Bailey -

Advice Centre

Advice Centre Manager - Serife Tumburi -
Student Support and Outreach Advisor (Academic) - Charlotte Clarke -

Student Voice

Student Voice Manager - Natalie Bates -

Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities Manager - Daniel Curran -
Sports Clubs Coordinator - Megan Beddoe -
Societies & Media Groups Coordinator - Laura Black -

Marketing and Communications

Communications Manager - Stu Baillie -
Communications Coordinator - Natalia de Monet -
Graphic & Web Designer - Lloyd Watson -


All of our Venues team has been placed on furlough. Please send any emails to and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


Union Shop Manager - Ci Andersson -
Union Shop Deputy Manager (People & Customer Service) - Mahshid Fazli -
Administration Coordinator - Natalia Kim -
Union Shop Assistant Manager - Ian Patterson -
Union Shop Assistant - Wayne Brackenbury


Financial Controller - Taina Nicolicin -
Finance Coordinator - Simona Palcau -

Human Resources

Human Resources Manager - Sue Bond -