COVID-19 FAQs - Coronavirus & Private Housing Rights

We have had multiple enquiries from students about their housing in relation to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Any questions can be emailed to, but we also encourage you to read the FAQs page that has been put together by the University of London Housing Services.

Check out the FAQs

We can help with many of your housing concerns, no matter whether they are on campus, in the local community, or if you commute from further afield. We help on issues such as:

  • Contract checking
  • Unfair charges
  • Landlord harassment
  • Deposit disputes
  • Housemate problems
  • Termination problems
  • Leaving your tenancy early
  • Council tax
  • Risk of homelessness
  • Problems with Halls (if unable to resolve with Student Services)

We break this down into three easy to understand areas:


Here you will find support in helping you find that perfect home for the coming year. We know there are lots of questions around how you go about finding people to live with, the right house for you and who to trust when it comes to signing a contract. We’re here to make sure you are happy and confident when looking to secure a great deal and a lovely place to live.


Packed full of information to help you while living in your home, you can find advice around bills, getting on with housemates, and contacting your agency or landlord.


Getting ready to move out of your home can be a hard process to get through, and we know there is a lot of overwhelming information being thrown at you around this time. We've provided guides on how best to move out, how to get your deposit back and an essential checklist to complete before you hand over those keys.