Create Your Own.

Create Your Own Group - Ratification Process


It's great that you want to start your own group, this page will help you through the whole process. First, it is a good idea to have a look at our current Societies and Clubs to see if there would be any overlap, as this is one of the things that could stop your group from existing. After that it is always good to reach our to the relevant officer either Vice President Societies and Media or Vice President Sport, they can give you some advice around your group and also help you start the ratification process.


Basically, to get ratified we ask you to do a little work around the area your group will cover, explain to us the reason behind your group and ask you to take a look at financial forecasts to make sure it can be successful. We have put together two documents to help you do this:

Completing these documents and submitting them to the relevant officer will get you on the way to ratification, once they are submitted you will be asked to present to the next available Sports, Societies and Opportunites Executive. Their role is to oversee the creation of new groups, checking that there is no overlap, that they are in the best interests of students and that the group can be sustainable. Once they are confident in these aspects the group is passed on to the Student Opportunities team and your accounts will be created, just to manage expectations once ratified the accounts will generally take a week to be active.

At any point during the process or after you can find help and support on our Groups portal, Freshdesk.