Student Group Access Fund

We know that sometimes the cost of joining a student group can feel overwhelming, especially if your budget is tight. We also know that joining a student group can be one of the most rewarding parts of University life. It can introduce you to new people, perspectives and passions, and we're really keen to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience that.

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That is where our access fund comes in.

How do you apply?

We've made the process of applying as easy as we can whilst also protecting the importance of this fund. All applications are made through our online form but before you start make sure you have the following information to hand:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Group the application is in reference to
  • How much you are asking for
  • What you are asking the fund to cover
  • Evidence of your financial commitments
    • Rent
    • Monthly bills
    • Monthly costs of living
    • Any other relevant commitments
  • Two months bank statements (attached as a pdf or photo)
  • Your student loan details and amounts (attached as a document or listed)
  • Bank account details for a successful grant to be paid into (sort code and account number)

What does it cover?

The fund can help to cover the following costs to the amounts listed:

  • Membership to a desired group up to 100%
  • Kit and essential travel costs: up to 100%
  • Competition entry costs: up to 100%
  • Event entry cost: up to 100%
  • Non-essential costs (e.g. trips, conference fees, individual competition costs, and social activities): up to 50%

The maximum amount each student can request is £150 per academic year from the fund.

Start your application

Once you've got everything together you just need to head over to the application form and fill in your details. Our staff will then be in touch about your application after it has been reviewed. If you are successful we will contact you with the amount you are to receive and then we will draw up a grant agreement that we will need you to sign in order to complete the funding. If at any point you have any questions please get in touch with the opportunities team through our Freshdesk customer support website.

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