Your Data

We believe it should be easy for you to understand what data we hold about you, how we use that information and who has access to it. Within the links below are our detailed policies covering all aspects of privacy and data protection.

Privacy Notice

When using our website, it's important you understand how your data is used, what information we may collect, and how we do this.

Employment Data

Explains when and why we collect personal information about job applicants, along with current and former RHSU employees.

Surveillance Systems

Details the operating policy and standards for the surveillance systems installed and operated by RHSU in compliance with GDPR. This includes CCTV, Body Worn Video and Dash Cams.

Data Share Agreement

Details the data-sharing agreement between the Students' Union and Royal Holloway, University of London, as dictated by the Memorandum of Cooperation. [PDF Download]

Cookies and Tracking

Information about the cookies in use on our website and how we use tracking within our e-newsletters.