Academic Rights: Using the Library

The library is a really fantastic resource for all students here on campus and online. As a student you are automatically registered with the library, with your Student ID Card acting as your library card, meaning you can access all their resources in person and online.

Through LibrarySearch, you can do a range of different things, including search for books, check where these books are located, use eBooks, renew and reserve items, find articles in online journals, look at exam papers and find your reading lists.

The library has 1390 study spaces, including silent and group study areas alongside a specific room for postgraduate research students. Additional study space is located in the Founder's Reading Room and across campus.

Opening Times

For the latest opening times, check out the Student Intranet.


  • All students are able to borrow books from the library using their Student ID Card. As an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student you can borrow up to 25 books at one time, and as a postgraduate research student, you can borrow up to 40 books at one time.
  • There are a range of loan lengths for different books, including 24-hour, one-week and three-week loans, depending on how in-demand the book you wish to borrow usually is.
  • The High Use section of the Library (on the ground floor) should include copies of all books listed as essential or recommended on your reading list.
  • Just take the books you want to check out to one of the self-service machines located in the library.
  • If you would like to keep your book for longer than originally loaned you can renew a book by either signing into your account on LibrarySearch and clicking renew, by using one of the self-service machines in the library, or by visiting their helpdesk. If another user has reserved the book, you will not be able to renew it.
  • If you return an item after the due date you will be charged a fine. This fine is dependent on the loan length – 50p per hour for a 24-hour loan, 40p per day for a one-week loan and 20p per day for a three-week loan. If there were mitigating circumstances affecting your ability to return a book, the fine can be cancelled. These mitigating circumstances will need to be approved by your School based on evidence. Get in touch with the library's Customer Service team if this affects you.
  • To return a book, simply place the book in one of the automatic return points in the library and if you have any questions visit the library helpdesk.


  • The library employs a number of students every year. If you are interested in working in the library please see Current Vacancies or email
  • Laptops are also available for loan in the library from the self-service machines. You will need your Student ID Card and can borrow a laptop for up to six hours, make sure to keep the laptop within the library. The fine rate for late laptop returns is £1 per hour.
  • Past exam papers are available online on LibrarySearch. For most subjects there are past papers from the last five years, however, for some subjects, there may be fewer papers available. If the paper you are looking for is not available, please contact
  • Multi-functional devices (MFDs) can be found on all floors of the library, you will need your Student ID Card to use them. Every student is given £10 per academic term as printing credit. Credit does not roll over to the next term if you don’t use it and if you need more printing credit, you can top up your account.
  • Binding machines are available as well on the ground floor and 1st floor of the library.
  • There are a number of resources available from the library to support postgraduate research students, more details can be found on the Student Intranet.
  • If you would like a book which isn’t in the library collection or online, you can utilise the library’s Inter-Library loan service to request books in from other libraries. Inter-Library loan requests can be made by completing the form on library search.
  • There are 15 bookable student rooms located in the library for students to use, you can book these using Resource Booker. Rooms can be booked up to two weeks in advance and for a maximum of two hours per person per day.
  • There are 127 lockers available for use in the library for all students. Keys for these lockers are available at the helpdesk. There are three types of loanable lockers available:
    • four-week loans – for PGR students only and located in the PGR Space
    • one-week loans – located on the Lower Ground, First and Second Floors
    • 24-hour loans – Lower Ground Floor

Fines are incurred if keys are not returned within the allocated time at 50p per hour.

  • The library also contains archive services, including access to the rare books collection. Access is by appointment only - email for more information.
  • The library also organises art exhibitions and students are welcome to go and visit. Check out the Exhibition Space in the Emily Wilding Davision (EWD) Building.


  • There are two entrances to the EWD Building. The main entrance at Founder's Square has revolving doors and self-opening doors; the second entrance opposite the Arts Building has ramped access and self-opening doors.
  • There are four lifts in the building and accessible toilets on all floors.
  • The Assistive Technology Suite is located on the first floor of the library and includes adjustable-height desks.
  • Six computers have a range of different specialist software installed including Abby Fine Reader, Mindview, My Study Bar, Natural Reader and X Mind.
  • The library can also provide you with additional support if you are registered with the Disability and Neurodiversity Services, including extensions to loan periods, book retrieval services, a library induction, printing on coloured paper, staff assistance and group study rooms.
  • Ten laptops with specialist software are also available for loan from the Disabilities and Neurodiversity Service Office. These can be lent out to students who are registered with the service.
  • You can arrange an appointment with the Library Customer Services to talk through the facilities and services available, email if you feel this could help you.
  • If you are unsure whether you need additional support, contact the Disability and Neurodiversity Services which coordinates support for students with additional learning needs. Their office is located in Founder's East, room FE153. Or you can contact them at for more information.

The library staff are always keen to get feedback from students! Please submit any feedback, queries or concerns you have via email at

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