Here you can find information about applying for Halls as a continuing student here, but keep in mind that it is always very oversubscribed. If you don’t get a place in Halls, you can sign up to our Facebook group, RHSU HouseMating where people are advertising spare rooms throughout the year.

On-Campus Accommodation

Problems in halls

When troubleshooting halls problems, start with:

Hall Life 'Need Help' Guide

Hall Life have a dedicated team to help you with communal living problems. They also offer a variety of other services which can really enhance your time in Halls and help you meet new people. This can be handy when looking for housemates for next year.

If you’re not happy with your problem has been dealt with, you can ask us for advice. We can give you guidance or support with communicating with:

  • Hall Life
  • Security
  • Customer Services / Hall Reception
  • Student Services

If you have been accused of misconduct in Halls, you can get advice and support from one of our advisors. They can help you:

  • prepare for any investigation meetings held and accompany you to if they’re available
  • check over any written responses to make sure that they are clear and using an appropriate tone
  • help you to get your perspective across clearly and make sure that the process is fair

Remember, at the SU, we are independent from the university and your case will be confidential. We are paid by students and work for students, so we will look out for your best interest.

If you are asked to leave Halls or your course following a misconduct investigation, our advisors can guide you about the next steps, such as:

  • understanding the decision
  • finding alternative housing
  • applying for Universal Credit
  • appealing the decision (if you have grounds)
  • next steps

Private Halls

These halls are not provided by the university, but they are were built for RHUL students. Offering more luxury and space, these are an alternative option for students.

Hox Park Pad & Podium

Just ask for advice if you have problems with these accommodation providers.

want to speak to an advisor?

If you've already looked through our web pages and can't find the information you're after, and would like to discuss something face-to-face, it's easy to see an Advisor.


We hold weekly drop-in sessions on Zoom during term time. Check out our Events Calendar here to find out when the next drop-in is- just use the "Advice" filter on the left hand side of the page.


Email us at advice@su.rhul.ac.uk.