University of london housing services.

As a Royal Holloway student, you have free access to the University of London Housing Services. If your housing case is complex, we will sometimes refer your case to them, however, you can always contact them directly yourself.


Helping you find accommodation in London

They have registration schemes for private landlords, letting agents, private halls and other providers of private accommodation for students. See their Find Your Property page.

Contract checking

We can check your contracts at the Advice Centre too, and we prefer that you use our service because we have local knowledge; however, during busy times, we might refer your contract check request to ULHS. We might also refer you to them if there are unusual clauses in your contract. You can access their contract-checking service directly yourself, too.

Legal advice

We can usually help you with most housing cases thanks to our experience and local knowledge, but occasionally, you will need legal advice. This is an amazing free legal advice service which you can use while you’re a student. You can always contact them directly yourself, too.

Contract Checking Guide London Private Housing Guide