Coronavirus Academic Advice

Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, your educational experience has been changed significantly for at least the remainder of this academic year.

Understandably, there have been numerous questions about these unprecedented changes, so we've put together this hub so that you can quickly access any important information you may need.

Exams & Assessments

If you haven't done so already, it's super important that you visit the Assessments & Results hub on the student intranet so that you're aware of all the changes, what is expected of you, and what support is available to help you successfully complete this academic year.

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Where can I find information about my assessment arrangements?

All information relating to assessments can be found here. If there is anything missing or a question that hasn’t been answered, please get in touch with your module leader or Head of Department.

When will results be available?

Undergraduate results will be made available on Tuesday 14 July. Postgraduate results TBC.

What if I don’t have access to (or can't afford) IT equipment or the internet?

The following support is available to you:

Financial support - If you are unable to access IT equipment due to financial difficulties, the University has a Covid-19 IT Support fund specifically for this. If you're eligible, you can apply until 12 June 2020.

IT support - If you are having other difficulties, for example, technical difficulties, please take a look at the access off-campus support pages.

Extenuating Circumstances - If your difficulties with IT mean that you are not able to attempt assessments within the allocated time please see the Extensions & Extenuating Circumstances Guidance.

We also recommend that you let your personal tutor or module leader know as soon as possible if you anticipate having any issues with IT or the internet in relation to completing any outstanding assignments you have.

Where and how can I access library resources?

Please take a look at our recent blog on how you can access information digitally. If you need to access an item to support your research, assignment or alternative assessment preparation, please contact and let them know the book title and, if applicable, the module code, and they will try to make it available for you.

Can I apply for an extension?

Extensions for work that is NOT replacing an exam can be found here.

Where a new deadline is set you do not need to apply for an extension if you are able to submit your work within this time. If you have already submitted a request for an extension for this work, this will be superseded by this change of deadline.

If for any reason you are not able to meet the new deadline, you should apply for a five or ten day extension in the normal way. Please note you will not be able to apply for an additional extension until two weeks before the new deadline.

For term three ‘alternative assessments’ which are replacing exams, you are not eligible for extensions. The alternative assessments have been designed to only take a limited number of hours to complete. If you are unable to submit your alternative assessment then you will be offered another attempt at the assessment without needing to submit Extenuating Circumstances.

If you are having difficulty in submitting your alternative assessment on time, for example due to technology issues, then you should email your school as soon as you can and as close to the submission deadline as possible, letting them know the reason why and they will provide you with further advice. Schools will treat such situations carefully and sympathetically.

Can I apply for Extenuating Circumstances?

Yes, if you would like to make the College aware of any Extenuating Circumstances you have experienced that impacted your assessments between 1 March and 30 June 2020, whether they are related to Covid-19 or not, then you can complete the online extenuating circumstances form.

You do not need to provide any evidence with your claim, your Extenuating Circumstances will automatically be accepted and your exam board will be notified of your Extenuating Circumstances application for consideration.

The Undergraduate Deadline to submit Extenuating Circumstances applications is midday Thursday 18 June 2020.

The Postgraduate Taught deadline for the submission of Extenuating Circumstances for assessments completed up until Friday 12 June is midday Thursday 18 June 2020.

The Extenuating Circumstances form has been made available again to postgraduate students. This is for any assessments that have been affected after June 18th.

Where can I find more information about the Safety Net and ‘Best 90’/’Best Credits’ policy?

The results and progression page on the student intranet has information regarding these two policies, if you have further questions please get in touch with your module leader or Head of Department.

Is there a date before which assessments are thought to have been unaffected by Covid-19?

The College considers that from Monday 2 March 2020 students started to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that the Safety Net calculation for this academic year will be based on assessments submitted prior to this date.

If you were impacted by the coronavirus prior to Monday 2 March 2020, you can submit an Extenuating Circumstances application for assessments that had a submission deadline before Monday 2 March 2020.

The expectation is that all assessed work from earlier in the year will be included in the Safety Net, although Exam Boards will also be reviewing any impact of disruptions earlier in the year on assessments, and may make adjustments to ensure that there is no detriment to the Safety Net.

Can I calculate my Safety Net grade now?

The College are not able to provide you with your Safety Net average calculation yet as the marking and moderation processes are ongoing and final marks will not be available until these are completed in July. All marks have to be checked and confirmed by external examiners. For that reason you cannot get a confirmed Safety Net classification at this stage.

Can I defer my assessments?

We hope that you feel supported and confident in completing your assignments this academic year but there may be reasons you wish to make a deferral. All the information about how to defer can be found here, including information on student finance and visa status. If you are thinking about deferring, I highly recommend that you talk to someone you trust at the University such as your personal tutor, module leader or Head of Department to ensure you have fully though through all of your options. Our Advice Centre is also contactable at

I am a PGR student, where can I find information about my PhD?

Information for PGR students on how Covid19 is impacting your research and studying can be found on the Doctoral School webpages. Key information about funding can also be found here.

If you have one of the following deadlines coming up before the end of June 2020, it has been agreed that you can be granted a blanket 12-week extension:

• Annual review meeting

• Upgrade meeting

• Thesis submission

• Thesis resubmission

• Thesis corrections

The Doctoral School will have been in contact with you if you fall into this category to clarify the new deadline.

Please note that this extension does not prevent you from being able to attend your review meeting/submit your thesis or corrections as originally scheduled, if you so wish.

I am a Masters by Research student, will my submission deadline be extended?

If you are a full-time Masters by Research student, due to submit this autumn, your College submission deadline will be extended by 12 weeks, in the first instance, without you having to submit an extension request. This extension is also granted to part-time Masters by Research students who are in their second year. Please note that this does not prevent you from submitting earlier if you wish.

If you are a part-time Masters by Research student in your first year, your deadline will not be extended automatically. If your research is impacted by Covid-10, please keep a log of the impact, with supporting evidence if possible, so that you have everything in place if you subsequently need to request an extension to your submission deadline.