Mental health

You might find yourself feeling worried about the spread of coronavirus and its impact on you and your loved ones. These feelings are normal and it’s important we acknowledge them and remind each other to look after our physical and mental health.

We are in a period of heightened anxiety for everyone at the moment, students and staff alike, and the uncertainty around the future is only adding to that. This uncertainty and anxiety is completely understandable, but if you are struggling to cope and manage your mental health, there are a number of support services available to help you.

Student Space

Young Minds have created this handy space specifically to help students find the support they need during coronavirus. It’s a great place to start if you’re not sure what help could be useful.

Check it out


Rethink improves the lives of people severely affected by mental illness through their network of local groups and services, expert information, and successful campaigning. They asked students to develop a guide to coping with the lockdown which you can read here.

Every Mind Matters

Every Mind Matters is an initiative by the NHS and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They collate and provide online resources where you can find tailored support for any mental health condition or concern.


Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity and works to support everyone with an eating disorder, improve awareness, provide direct support, and help people find support from other services.


Mind provides support and advice to anyone living with a mental health condition. They campaign for better mental health care and raise awareness and understanding. They also have their own services like elefriends which is an online chat platform where you can find support from peers.

NHS Services

NHS services is where you can find all the services provided through the NHS for all mental health concerns. This will direct you to services such as talking therapies, advice, and medical care.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK provides advice, support, and guidance for anxiety disorders and anxiety-based depression, including 1:1 therapy.


Papyrus provides a helpline that offers confidential support and advice to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, and anyone worried about a young person.


Switchboard is an LGBTQ+ helpline offering confidential support and a place for calm words when you need them most. All of their volunteers self-define as LGBT+.


Galop is an LGBTQ+ domestic abuse helpline, providing support for sexual and domestic abuse/violence, and hate crimes. They have a dedicated Trans Advocacy & Community Development Service which can offer confidential advice and support.


CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, and the cause of 18 deaths every day.

Albert Kennedy Trust

Albert Kennedy Trust supports LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are facing or experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. They support young people into safe homes and employment, education or training, in a welcoming and open environment that celebrates LGBTQ+ identities.

Student Survival Guide

Dr Dominique Thompson, a former GP who now works closely with universities has written a student survival guide to self-isolation.