Here at Royal Holloway Students' Union we have changed the structure of democracy, we used to have a system in which the highest decision making meeting , General Meetings, were held every 3 weeks. We experienced problems with engagement because of the following:

  • Accessibility for wider student groups becuase was at fixed time in a fixed location
  • Meeitngs often had around 80-100 in attendance deciding all Union Policy
  • Student Club Presidents were mandated to go which put across the wrong message of forced attendance
  • Often students would comment on motions 'not affecting them' or 'not being in their interest' 

We wanted to investigate a new system in which we could do away with ome of these problems and grow engagment in the unions democratic processes. This lead to a new proposal being draw up with student involvement and the final decision layed at the hands of a General Meeting, in which it was passed on the 11th November. You can view the full policy here.


The process for motions is outlined below:


Here are the new SU Council pages:

Education Council

Student Activties Council

Inclusion and Representation Council

Community Council