Tuesday 22 May 2018

18:00 - 19:00

SU Main Hall

All Student Meeting

Attend the last All Student Meeting of the year. All Student Meetings are the highest democratic decision making body of the Students' Union.  Any member may attend and have their say, vote and get involved with the decision making and running of our Students' Union.

The All Student Meeting is chaired by the President of the Students' Union and follows the procedures outlined in the constitution. The main two types of motion proposed are Amendments to the constitution, and policy motions. If you have an idea for a policy then please email voice@su.rhul.ac.uk. Information on how to write a motion can be found here.


1. Welcome
• Introductions
• Apologies
2. Councils Report
• Education
• Equalities
• Student Opportunities
3. Officer Updates and Questions
• President
• VP Education
• VP Welfare 
• VP Soc Med
• VP Sport
4. Motions
• None submitted
5. A.O.B