Wednesday 30 January 2019

18:00 - 19:30

Moore Auditorium

Depression: 'Just a Phase' or Chronic Illness?

Amongst the most frequently occurring mental illnesses, depression has become a huge talking point in the higher education sphere. During this lecture, undergraduate psychology student and Vice Chair of the Mental Health Network, Lucy Simpson will be giving a thorough analysis of depression and our current clinical understanding of its causes, symptoms, and our treatment of it. 

Lucy Simpson is a current third year psychology student here at RHUL, and Vice Chair of the Mental Health Network. She is really interested in clinical psychology and hopes to one day work in the NHS. She finds mental health conditions really interesting from both a clinical and personal perspective. Lucy's focus this year is on clinical neuroscience and disorders, and she will be using this academic focus to inform the campaigns that she runs; by raising awareness of the underlying causes of psychological disorders to reduce stigma and increase understanding.