Monday 25 November 2019

11:00 - 13:30

The Packhorse

Teach Inn at the Packhorse

UCU have arranged a series of alternative teach-ins during the course of their strike action. This series is open to all: students, non-academic staff, and academic staff.

"We hope that this series will help us to learn about each other, the issues we face and will allow us to come to a better mutual understanding to help us build strength and solidarity. Thus, some talks are intended to be tasters for different academic disciplines while others address the current dispute and general conditions in higher education more specifically." - Royal Holloway UCU


Monday 25 November

11am-12pm, a placard making session led by Donna. Basic materials provided but if you want to use a specific image or design, please print it and bring it with you.

Tuesday 26 November

11:00-12:00, James, “How to Not Work”.

Wednesday 27 November

11:30-12:30, Jeff, “Making Students Unemployable at £9250 a Year – the dumbing-down of English universities”.

12:30-13:30, Virpi, “Social marketing for student wellbeing”.

Thursday 28 November

11:00-12:00, Sofia, “Grounding to Rise Up: Meditation for Strikers”.

12:30-13:30, Judith, “Romanticism and Environmentalism”.

Friday 29 November

10:45-11:30, Liz, title tbc, on climate.

11:35-12:25, Laurie, “Environmental Activism”.

12:30-13:20, Amelia, “Gender, Discipline and Surveillance in the Neo-liberal University”.

Monday 2 December

11.30-12:30, Alfie, ‘How to Work for Google: Precarious Labour and Digital Politics Part 1’.

12:30-13:30, David, ‘How to Work for Google: Precarious Labour and Digital Politics Part 2’.

Tuesday 3 December

11:00-12:00, vacant

12:30-13:30, vacant

Wednesday 4 December

11:00-12:00, Dan, “Protest song on the picket lines”.

12:30-13:30, vacant