Thursday 18 February 2021

18:30 - 19:30


Sexpression: Imperial Consent Workshop

As part of VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick's Let's Talk About Sex campaign, we're delighted to be offering a workshop, hosted by Sexpression: Imperial Chair, Christine Pettitt, to give a practical understanding of consent and communication with sexual partners.

You'll learn what consent actually is (more than no means no), how to ask for consent, ways to say yes, ways to say no, tips on navigating pressured situations, and finally top tips for communicating with sexual partners.

A bit about the host

Christine Pettitt is the current Chair of Sexpression: Imperial, the Imperial College Union branch of the national charity Sexpression - a national student-led organisation that aims to empower young people to make their own informed choices regarding sex and relationships. Christine is passionate about good, inclusive and comprehensive sex education that she believes starts with a practical understanding of consent and communication.

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