Sunday 10 October 2021

09:00 - 17:00

Proud to Be: Letters to Myself

World Mental Health Day is a day that resonates with us all.

Everyone has mental health and we should all make a conscious effort to check in with ourselves. World Mental Health Day, falling in the first week of Black History Month has inspired us to encourage you to reflect on how far you have come through writing.

On this day, we encourage you to take some time away from your busy life to reflect. Grab a pen or create a note on your phone/device and write down things you are proud of from your journey.

No one's journey is ever the same, and that's what makes you - you! Life can be so fast-paced and hectic a lot of the time, meaning aspects of our lives that we are proud of can slip out of our minds—being pushed to the back burner.

Be inspired by your own journey, share this moment with yourself - in your own way and in your own words.