Monday 06 March 2023

18:30 - 19:45

Windsor Auditorium

Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories Panel

Our panel of inspiring women will share their journeys, challenges, and successes as they have worked to break down barriers and create change through their art.

We're joined by international inspirational speaker, Marian Adejokun, Royal Holloway academics Sarah Ansari (Professor, Department of History), and Weipin Tsai (Senior Lecturer, Department of History), as well as Keeley Davies (Events Manager) and Kirby Fullerton (Senior Fellowship Development Manager) from the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

From activists to academics, every woman deserves to share their stories. The goal of this event is to gather together and honour women so that they can discuss their experiences of being women as well as their ideas about Women's History Month. Plus, you'll be given the opportunity to question them!

Come along for an evening of celebration, inspiration, and empowerment as we recognise the incredible impact that women have made.

See you there!

Marian Adejokun

Marian Adejokun is an international inspirational speaker, multi-award winner, published author of two books, Youth Advocate and the CEO of the Marian Adejokun Foundation, Founder of ReachOut2All Youth Organization portal services for our young people, and Founder of B-Royal Clothing Brand. Marian speaks at churches, schools, and universities on a variety of topics: enterprise, lifestyle, careers, well-being, disability, sexual abuse, and anti-bullying. Marian holds an MA from UCL in Early Years Education.

Sarah Ansari

Sarah Ansari is a historian of modern and contemporary South Asia with a particular focus on places that today are in Pakistan. Her research includes an interest in women's lives and gender issues. She is currently the President of the Royal Asiatic Society, the first woman to hold this post in the institution's 200-year history.

Weipin Tsai

Weipin Tsai is a Historian of modern China, focusing on the late Qing to the Republican period (broadly 1800-1949), an era of dramatic change in China as it was reluctantly forced to open up to foreign trade, ideas, and technology. Weipin's [rincipal interests are in Chinese modernisation and its engagement in globalisation from the 19th century onwards, in particular the role of the foreign-run Chinese Maritime Customs Service, as well as the creation of the Chinese Postal Service, and Chinese newspapers in the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries.

Keeley Davies

Keeley is a London-based Event Manager who creates and manages exciting events across multiple industries, festivals, and charities.

She has spent the past nine years leading on management and operations for the globally reaching Public Events Programme for the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), producing and delivering events including keynote lectures, panel debates, political addresses, and film screenings. Keeley works with the world’s most recognised authors, celebrities, politicians, academics, journalists, activists, and artists and in 2022 held a judgeship in the Student Design Awards.

Kirby Fullerton

For the past three years, Kirby has been working on bringing in diverse changemakers into the RSA Fellowship. She is an active member of the RSA Union and sits on the RSA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Hub. 

Her background is in Social Anthropology and Gender Studies. Kirby's postgrad research focused on the intersections of economic precarity, gender, and sexuality experienced by queer women in Seoul, South Korea in the context of the growing LGBTQ+ community there. 

She is a new volunteer at Switchboard, the UK's first LGBTQ+ helpline, and a longstanding volunteer for Poetic Justice, a creative writing programme for incarcerated women in prison across the American South. Kirby is a passionate LGBTQ+ and racial justice advocate, inspired by the civil rights heritage of her hometown, Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Women's History Month

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