Tuesday 14 March 2023

17:00 - 17:45


The Starving Artist: Exploring The Power of Female Voices Through Art Activism with Ally Zlatar

Join us as award-winning artist Ally Zlatar takes us on a journey exploring the power of female voices through the lens of art activism.

This event will take place in Medicine and Ally will guide us via zoom. All you need is you and your friends, and to be ready to dive right in! This event is proudly supported by Art Society who have kindly supplied materials.

Ally Zlatar

Ally Zlatar is an artist and activist. She is the founder of The Starving Artist; an artist initiative that utilises creative voices as a way to create advocacy and systemic reform. She also founded The Starving Artist Scholarship Fund which helps people access inpatient treatment for eating disorders. Her "This Body of Mine" campaign explores migrant experiences through creative voices and has helped support individuals and artists from refugee-seeking backgrounds globally.

Women's History Month

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