Hear exactly why you should get involved with Give It A Go from other students.

Through Give It A Go, I have made friends with people on campus I would not have met on my course, and become closer friends to ones I already had. It offers many opportunities for students to unwind and do something outside of your comfort zone, something you never thought you would enjoy, and even enhance your passion for hobbies and interests. It also provides sessions that allow you to get creative and take away memories that are long-lasting after university - my favourite being the hand-decorated wine glass!


One of my favourite things about Royal Holloway is the inclusivity of the whole College and Give It A Go is no exception! It provides opportunities to do some really exciting things that you would never have thought about doing before. It also gives you the chance to meet some amazing people and make friends from across the whole of the College.


The Give It A Go events were great to attend with friends, to escape and relax from my masters for an hour or so! There were some really cool activities and it was nice that lots were free.


Students holding a snake

Why wouldn’t I want free food? Why wouldn’t I like to cuddle a puppy or a baby goat? Why wouldn’t I want to personalise a glass or a bag or a cupcake? As a committee member, I also cannot imagine why societies wouldn’t utilise the Give It A Go system. When an event we run is supported by the GIAG team, we get far more involvement from non-members, it is promoted on a bigger scale, and we get more people join our society! It’s a no brainer really, Give It A Go!


Give It A Go does exactly what it says in its title and truly has allowed me to try out a range of various activities but also take a break from studying for a burst of creativity. Whether designing a mug, meeting a donkey at pets as therapy or making sushi the scheme gives students the opportunity to participate in activities as a one off but also peak an interest to try a new hobby!


Coming to university as an international student was daunting, but one thing that I really loved about Royal Holloway was the warm atmosphere which really made it my home away from home. Give It A Go events were something I always looked forward to during my three years. Events such as the petting zoo and reptile experience provided me with a much needed escape from the stress of university, and it was so nice to make a few new friends at these events!


Two baby goats on the grass

I wouldn’t have been settled into life at Royal Holloway as quickly if it wasn’t for taking part in Give It A Go events, especially during Freshers’ Week, as they allowed me to gain confidence and feel more comfortable in my new environment. Pets as Therapy is my favourite event so far, but I also love the t-shirt I tie dyed at the Give It A Go Festival.


Give It A Go appealed to me because of the wide variety of activities it offered and many of them are free. They provided fantastic opportunities to explore other places too at really good discounted prices. I think other students should try at least one or two of the activities available to de-stress, bond with friends and perhaps find a new hobby.