As a line manager you will have access to the employee records of any of your direct reports through PeopleHR. It is your responsibility to use PeopleHR to approve holidays; record absence; record late attendance; record 121s; give thanks and action any reminders.

Approving Holidays

Where one of your direct reports requests holiday through PeopleHR, you will receive a notification which is pending your approval. You will need to login to PeopleHR on a PC or use the app to approve the request.

Before you approve the request, you should check whether any other team members are due to be off over the same period and whether it is feasible operationally. Once you have approved the request the number of days will be automatically deducted from the individual’s holiday entitlement (which you can see under the Planner function on PeopleHR).

If you have any queries in relation to annual leave or time off for any other scenario, please first refer to the Leave Policy before speaking with HR.

Leave Policy
Adding Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)

Where there is a requirement for staff to work additional hours (i.e. to cover open days, welcome weekend, big events etc) they should first seek your approval to do so. Once the additional hours have been worked it is your responsibility to add these to the individual’s record as TOIL.

To do this you should go to the individual’s record on PeopleHR, click on Planner, then click on Settings, Add TOIL and input the number of days. In the comments box you should add a note about why the TOIL was accrued.

The expiry date for all TOIL is automatically set at 5 weeks. If the individual doesn’t claim back their TOIL within this period it will automatically disappear from the system and shouldn’t be re-added. Please encourage individuals to take back any TOIL accrued ASAP.

Please note that TOIL is not applicable for the majority of Trading Services staff who instead work under annualised hours contracts.

Recording Sickness

Where one of your members of staff is off sick, it is your responsibility to record this on PeopleHR. To do this you should go to the individual’s record, click on Planner, click on the date under the ‘sick’ row and click the plus sign. A pop up box will appear that will ask you so select the reason for the absence and the dates.

For any absences of 7 days or less, the individual will need to complete a self-certification form. When you record the absence on PeopleHR the individual will receive an automatic email asking them to complete the form. They will need to print it off and should ask you to sign it. Once complete, they should take the signed copy to HR.

In cases where the absence extends beyond 7 calendar days, the individual will be required to get a fit note from their GP or hospital. Please speak with a member of the HR team where this is the case as it is likely that a return to work interview will be required to ensure that any adjustments are considered where relevant.

You can download the Self-Certification Form below.

Sickness Self-Certification Form
Recording Late Attendance

If a member of your team is late by more than 15 minutes, you should record this on PeopleHR. The purpose of recording this information is to help identify any patterns that may warrant a conversation with the individual to understand if there are any issues that we can support them with; or whether we need to revisit their hours and make any changes.

To record any lateness please go into the individual’s record and click on Planner, click on the date under the ‘Late’ row and click the plus sign. A pop up box will appear for your completion. Please make sure you insert a comment in relation to the reason for the lateness.

Giving Thanks

Our ‘Thanks’ scheme is linked to our organisational values. This scheme is designed to promote outstanding job performance and to strengthen working relationships by encouraging recognition between colleagues.

‘Thanks’ stickers should be given to any staff member when they either go the extra mile to help achieve the organisation values or go above and beyond expectations in the workplace. To give a thanks sticker, go to the individual’s PeopleHR record, select ‘Thanks’ from the menu, select ‘Give Thanks’, select the Value their behaviour most aligns to and write your comment. Please be aware that all comments are made public, so that all colleagues can share in the recognition of the individual. Please therefore make sure that all comments are professional.

On occasions you may deem a behaviour or action worthy of a greater reward and in this case all line managers have discretion to award a Values Award Voucher, which has a monetary value of £5 to be spent within our venues.