Blog: MTS presents - Bare

‘It’s so hard to find your way, when you have no voice to guide you’ – Peter, No Voice

This week saw the opening of the Musical Theatre Society’s Main Term Show, Bare: A Pop Opera in Jane Holloway Hall. Consisting of a cast of 13, the show looks into the lives of two homosexual students in St Cecilia’s Catholic College.

With music by Damon Intrabartolo and lyrics and book by Jon Hartmere, this electric contemporary pop musical, follows these students as they grapple with issues of sexuality, identity, and the future. As God’s path seems more difficult to find than ever, Bare rings with the sounds of youthful repression and revolt; it is a provocative, fresh and honest look at the dangers of baring your soul, and the consequences of continuing to hide.

As a musical that is rapidly growing in popularity and interest, Bare was an obvious choice for our team to put on this term. The story and message behind the musical has a lot of depth and emotion to it and it creates a story that makes audience’s consider how important acceptance of diversity is in the world.

The process of the show has been one that has been enjoyable and enlightening, obviously with its occasional stresses. From the casting of the show back in January, the crew knew they were in for an amazing ride. After ten weeks of 6 day-a-week rehearsal schedules, the cast and crew opened to a standing ovation.



Not only this, but the cast were surprised by the appearance of Bare’s lyricist himself, Jon Hartmere, who decided to come along to see the show with his partner and Tony/Olivier nominated actor, Adam Godley. Hartmere told the cast and crew that he happened to stumble upon one of the show’s Youtube trailers, and as he was in the area he thought he would come along and see the show.

The two were both so genuine and friendly, and raved about the show’s staging and the cast’s characterization. It was an absolute honour for the team to meet the forces behind this wonderful show and hear first hand, how and why the show was created. The team will be forever thankful for Hartmere’s kind words and support.

The Musical Theatre Society’s hard work will be continuing into summer term with Summer Cabaret 2018. If you are interested in joining, go ahead and like our page for more information.