Blog: One World Week Is Here!

One World Week is a celebration of all students from every nation and culture – it's a week where students and staff can all come together to embrace everything we love about the multicultural society we live in.

In the midst of rising trends of racial and religious hate crimes, especially after a Conservative MP attempted to interfere with how Brexit and European affairs are taught at universities, there is a greater need for One World Week to bring our students together in unity.

Royal Holloway is home to about 2000 international students from over 100 countries, each of whom are a vital part of our global campus community. Royal Holloway Students’ Union is also proud to have over 30 faith & cultural societies representing the diversity of our student body – you can check them out here.

So what's happening on campus during One World Week?

This week, we are bringing global cinema to you. Each night of the week, we will be showing a foreign language film produced and filmed in another part of the world – by listening to other people’s story, we will realize how much we have in common as a global citizen of the world.

Come join us for a movie night, every day from Monday to Friday, 7pm-9pm:

We also have an interactive and mobile exhibition called ‘Education Without Borders’. This exhibition explores international contributions to arts, culture, science, academia and activism, and the diversity of the Royal Holloway staff and student body. In collaboration with ‘Liberate Our Curriculum’, we will celebrate the marginalised voices that have helped shape the modern world and the courses we study at University. Make your mark on our world map and tell the story of your pathway to Royal Holloway!

The ‘Education Without Borders’ exhibition take place next 15 Wednesday and 16 Thursday November, 9am-5pm at EWD Exhibition Space. Join us in celebrating One World Week by exploring the launch of our interactive and mobile exhibit!

Keep an eye out on the RHSU Facebook page for all events information. As usual, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me or connect with me on Facebook!