Cast Your Vote Now!

Voting is now open in the 2017 SU Elections and it's time to choose who will lead your Union in the next academic year. Every vote counts and the officers you choose as your future leaders will define the direction the Students' Union moves in, the campaigns we focus on and the lobbying efforts we make. It only takes two minutes to vote through the online voting system.

We also have ballots dotted around all over campus so you can head to those and cast your vote there if you want to. Remember voting closes on Friday 10 March at 4pm.

During the elections period we are also be holding a referendum, this gives all students the chance to share their opinions regarding a series of pre-set questions. They are: 

1. Should the Union campaign to boycott the NSS?

2. Should the Union oppose Surrey County Council’s light switch off plans? 

These issues will directly affect students’ lives and we want to know how you feel.

Larger Voter Turnout = Cheaper Drinks!

We know you love cheap drinks, everyone loves cheap drinks, especially cheap VK's! Well the higher the voter turnout, the cheaper the VK's will be At Friday night's SOAP: Vote For Your Night / Elections Results. If we hit a 26% voter turn out, you'll be able to VK's for just £1 between midnight and 1am.

In order to hit that target we need you to get out there and vote. Every vote counts. Who will lead your SU?