Council Tax for final year students

Over the next few weeks many of you will be getting a letter from the local Council informing you of a council tax bill - due to the fact that your studies are now complete. It will likely cover the period between now until you move out in July/August. 

The bills are genuine and you will need to pay them.  But we agree: it's completely unfair.

It doesn't reflect the fact that many of you are still on campus either finishing your lives at Royal Holloway, waiting for postgraduate degrees to start, or simply you've moved home and are searching for jobs.  And most other local councils don't target graduating students like this.

This year we've raised the issue with local councillors a number of times, and working with the College have looked at some potential solutions to the issue.  It's complicated and at the moment the Council aren't budging.  So we want to hear your stories - how does this unfair bill affect you personally?  Our aim is to put together a formal submission to the Council during the summer on the issue, and ask them for a public response.

So over to you - email Laura Lewis (Co President Welfare & Diversity) at with your story, and help us make the case that students in later years shouldn't be treated like this.

Natasha Barrett

President Education & Campaigns

Laura Lewis

Co President Welfare & Diversity

Pippa Gentry

Co President Societies & Media

Steff Milne

Co President Sports & Development