New Union Shop On Campus

The Students’ Union can today announce that it has agreed a deal with the College to manage the flagship commercial space within the Emily Wilding Davison Building. The agreement follows on from the Union’s successful operation of the Union Shop since it launched in August 2015.

Since launching the Union Shop the SU has scrapped all VAT on sanitary products, removed card charges and balanced the books – generating a modest surplus that has been reinvested in services for students.

President, Education and Campaigns, Tasha Barrett said: “Our Union Shop is one of the most crucial services we offer, particularly with Royal Holloway being a campus university. Running an outlet for food and other necessities with student focussed prices is really important for accessibility and convenience, allowing students to quickly grab what they need between lectures and on their way to and from halls.”

Bigger and Better

As part of the new library building, the new store will feature a much bigger footprint, catering to all your immediate needs and will finally include a dedicated clothing range.

Tasha continued: “We are really excited to be able to make our shop even bigger and better when it becomes part of the new library build. The new space will allow us to provide more in terms of catering for allergies, dietary requirements and international foods, as well as simply having more room to expand our available products.

“The shop has been designed based on student feedback and shaped around your needs and experiences so will be a hugely positive development for our student body and a great step for the Students’ Union.”

In addition to the new store the Union will continue to operate the current Union Shop until some point during Autumn term 2017. If you have any feedback on the mock-ups or project in general please get in touch. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter or via email.