SU Group Election 2017 Results

This year’s student group, media and RAG elections saw a record turnout of 16,845 votes cast, an increase of 24% compared to the elections last year.

The Students’ Union wants to thank all the candidates, their campaign teams and the student body for their participation in this year’s group elections. It is great to see so many students engaged in the governance of their groups and the Student Opportunities team are looking forward to an exciting training conference in Term 3.

Alongside the group committee elections were campus-wide media groups and RAG elections, the results for these positions are:

Insanity Radio

  • Station Manager – Olivia Woodrow
  • Assistant Station Manager – Tom Gibbens

The Orbital

  • Editor – Abbie Cheeseman
  • Deputy Editor – Stephanie Bagnall


  • Station Manager – Cassie Boyce
  • Assistant Station Manager – Rosalind Hulse

Raise and Give

  • RAG Chair – Sarah Cowan

Student Group Results

With so many positions available for election it would be impossible to list them in full here. Instead we’re created a handy PDF document which you can download from here which lists all the positions and those elected.

Download Results

If you would like to see a full breakdown of individual committee election voting data please email the Student Opportunities team who will provide these on a case-by-case basis.