A Festive Message From Your President

As term draws to a close, your President Jack O'Neill would like to spread some Christmas cheer with a final end of term message!

It’s finally here! For some, the first term may have flown by, and for others it may feel like the countdown to Christmas has been going on for too long!

This term has certainly been a busy one, and I am sure that you are all ready for a very well deserved break! Since term started in September, you have likely completed endless essays, slogged through numerous all-nighters in the library and woken up on a Saturday morning without a voice. Whatever you have been up to this term, I hope that it has been an enjoyable ride and you have been able to achieve everything that you set out to do this year!

What's going on next term?

On our end, we’ll be hitting the ground hard in January, for the rest of the academic year- we’ll be busy launching Student Voice Reports on the BAME Student Experience, on the PGR Student Experience and on the Careers Support following our research and policy inquiries. We also have exciting campaigns on nutrition, inclusive education and lots more! The next calendar year is also a time where we can start planning for the future. In addition to reviewing how we provide support for student groups and our members, we’ll also be reviewing our Strategic Plan – as well as inputting into the College Strategy!

But that is all for the New Year, for now, enjoy the Christmas break! Whether you’re someone that dons Christmas jumpers from the beginning of December (me), or whether you think Die Hard is a Christmas film or not – enjoy your break and remember to consider those that are less fortunate than yourself this Christmas.

Have a wonderful festive break and a happy new year!

Jack O'Neill // President