Academic Book Sale Puts £2814 Back Into Students' Pockets

Read all about the roaring success of our second-hand academic book sale and how we're putting money straight back into students’ pockets.

Yesterday, we held our academic book sale at Medicine and it was a resounding success. 316 books were sold for a staggering total of £2814, which will be going straight back into students’ pockets next week!

We had an epic turnout to the book sale, some may say spinetingling, with lots of you turning out to grab those bargains. The idea of the book sale was to enable students to save money by getting key resources at a discounted price, while also making some cash rather than letting old books rot away on the bookshelf.

Win-win situation

Starting university can come with lots of hidden costs. One of these is the cost of all your course books – you might find yourself shocked scrolling online to find all the books that you need and seeing all those summer savings starting to slip away. Combine this with the endless posts on social media of students trying to get rid of their old books - the quick solution was to provide a platform for you all to sell the books you have to other students: win-win!

Our book drop-off days on Monday and Tuesday saw 504 books dropped off from a variety of departments. We then categorised them and displayed them all, advertising them at the price that you as sellers of the books valued them at.

A massive thank you to the awesome volunteers who helped stack all the books but, as ever, the biggest thank you to you as students who engaged in this event whether selling or buying! We hope this enabled you to either clear old books you no longer needed (while making some cash!) or saved you some money by grabbing those bargains!

If you didn’t manage to sell your book on this occasion then don’t blame your shelf (pun certainly intended), we will be looking into having another book sale later in the year!