Advice: Moving Out Before Your Tenancy Ends

We know that many of you will be leaving as early as possible to maximise the time you have with your friends and family back home. We hope that you have a smashing time and enjoy your well-deserved break. 

Here are some tips to make sure that everything runs smoothly when you check out of your private accommodation:


If you are leaving earlier than your other housemates, it’s essential that you discuss the topics listed in this article with them before you leave.  Make sure you provide them with your contact details for while you’re abroad, and that you check your messages regularly after you leave.

Bills and Money

If you’re in private accommodation, you need to make arrangements with your housemates, agency and landlord about final payments. If you’re leaving before your tenancy ends, this might complicate things - contact the SU Advice Centre for help if you’re not sure how to organise this with your housemates.

If you need budgeting advice, contact the College’s Student Funding Adviser, available in Founder's West 151.


The law requires you to leave the house as clean as you found it. Contact your landlord/agency to go over what the check-out process involves, especially with regards to cleaning.

If your house was professionally cleaned before your tenancy began, you will need to pay for a professional clean and keep the receipts. Here are some recommended local end of tenancy cleaning companies:

Do My Cleaning

Mayer Cleaning

Lets Clean Ltd

Academy Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd

If you’re leaving before the tenancy agreement ends, you can get a quote and make sure you set aside enough money for your share of the cleaning bill to transfer to the housemates who are organising it.


At the start of your tenancy an inventory of everything in the house should have been completed. Now you’re moving out, you will need to find your inventory (or ask for a copy from your landlord/estate agent) to check that nothing has gone missing or been broken. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Find your check-in inventory
  • Compare inventory to the condition of the property and its contents
  • Replace and repair what you can
  • Return furniture to its original location
  • Take timestamped photos for check-out inventory

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

If you are leaving early, it can become frustrating trying to get your deposit refunded. If your landlord or agency is demanding unfair deductions from your security deposit, remember that your deposit is protected; this means that without your consent, no deductions can be made.    

You can make an appointment with the Housing Advisor to guide you through this process before you leave and you can email her for support while you’re abroad.


Below are the contact details of a few local storage companies; contact them directly to find out about prices.

Baggage Boys


Telephone: 01784 488519

Lok ‘n’ Store


Telephone: 01874 818644

Storage Geeks


Telephone: 01932 568660

Free Charity Collection

Lumbered with belongings that won't fit in your suitcase, or you just don't need anymore? Why not think about dropping them off at a local charity, who will be delighted to take them off your hands:

British Heart Foundation

Cancer Research UK

Who needs your new address?

Final Advice

Don’t leave your housemates with all the bills and cleaning to sort out. Be sure to take care of all the boring practical stuff ASAP so that you can enjoy the remaining time with your friends here.

We hope you have a relaxing summer, but the SU Advice Centre is here to guide and support you if things don’t go to plan.