Alcohol Impact Auditor Volunteers Needed

As part of a project that the Students’ Union, the College and NUS are carrying out, we would like your help with an exciting opportunity!

  • Want to find out more about issues related to students drinking or not drinking alcohol at University?
  • Want to gain the skills and knowledge associated with auditing?
  • Want to make a positive impact?
  • Want to improve your CV and gain valuable employability skills?
  • Want to have a fun day learning practical skills and meet likeminded people?

We are looking for volunteer auditors! You will be fully trained and in small groups, auditors will complete the audit over one and a half days, from Tuesday 8 May to Wednesday 9 May 2018.

For the full job description, download the PDF below:


Full Job Description

What Skills Do I Need?

No technical knowledge is needed! Full training will be provided to fit in with any learning or access requirements. All you need is an interest in finding out more about the culture of drinking alcohol on your campus and what is being done on your campus to ensure the welfare of students.

Alcohol Impact

Alcohol Impact is our whole university approach to embed social norms of responsible drinking on our campuses, changing attitudes towards alcohol, and building healthier, safer, more productive student communities.

This isn't about getting students to stop drinking. It's about creating a more positive culture of responsible drinking. For the huge number of students who don't drink alcohol, campus life isn't as inclusive as we'd like it to be.  

Depending on the number of criteria the institution completes, they can achieve either: a ‘Working Towards Alcohol Impact’ or the ‘Alcohol Impact Accreditation’. All students’ unions and institutions participating in Alcohol Impact will need an audit to verify their level of achievement… and this is where you come in!

Please get in touch if you’re eager to get involved with Alcohol Impact in an auditing capacity, or if you have any further questions.