BAME Inclusive Student Experience Survey

We want to hear from BAME students following the publication of our briefing document from The Student Engagement Project (TSEP) which looks at the experience of BAME students on campus.

Last year we conducted The Student Engagement Project (TSEP) to look at the experience of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) students on campus.

This involved detailed qualitative research utilising our paid BAME student researchers who conducted 60 hours of detailed interviews and surveys, revealing the experiences of BAME students across their time at Royal Holloway. We have produced a briefing document with background context, the findings from the research, and a number of recommendations for both the Students’ Union and the University to implement. Whilst the qualitative conversations we had last year provided a great level of detail and insight, we are also aware that this is a relatively small sample size and we therefore want to test the recommendations with a wider audience which is what this new survey is all about.

Read the briefing document

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What are the next steps?

We want to understand whether the findings in the report accord with the experiences of BAME students at Royal Holloway and whether we have missed anything. Therefore, we are asking BAME students to fill out the survey found here. We need help in evaluating the recommendations we’ve identified. Do BAME students think they’re right or wrong? Are there any alternatives or additional suggestions? This survey has been compiled to get both general comments on the recommendations and to answer specific questions we have to ensure these recommendations are right for BAME students at Royal Holloway. Any insight provided will impact the final recommendations we produce.

Your chance to win £150

As an incentive to fill out the survey, there is also the opportunity to win two cash prizes (1st prize: £150, 2nd prize: £75) but we must stress that only BAME students are asked to fill out this survey. As the survey links heavily to the recommendations in the briefing document we have also produced a condensed version of the recommendations to inform students answering the questions, however we recommend you take the chance to look over the entire briefing document as a whole as it provides useful context on the experiences of BAME students nationally and at Royal Holloway.

The final recommendations will be included in a Student Voice Report to improve the BAME student experience at Royal Holloway. This will inform the changes we will make at the Students’ Union as well as providing the Sabbatical Officer group with a legitimate voice with which to to lobby the University for change. Therefore your answers to this survey are a key part in ensuring the recommendations are appropriate, accord with your own experiences, and beneficial to improving the BAME student experience at Royal Holloway.

As an Officer group we are aware of our own lack of diversity, experience and understanding of the issues highlighted through this research, we feel this makes it even more important for us to engage with you and utilise BAME student voices to ensure both the Students’ Union and the University become a more welcoming and inclusive space for BAME students. Please fill out the survey (and share with your friends!) as we would really like to get feedback on these recommendations from a large number of BAME students, and you may even win some money!

The survey closes on Friday 13 December.

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Kate Roberts // Vice President Education