BUCS Round-Up - 05/11/21

VP Societies & Sport Alex Parry gives you an update on how our Bears have been faring across the various BUCS competitions in a busy term of sporting action!

As we hit the halfway point in term one, it's time to look at how our sports clubs are performing in BUCS so far this season.

We start with our Lacrosse teams, with our Women's and Men's 1st teams both sitting first in their leagues after 2/2 wins, including a commanding 21-7 win for our Women’s 1st team vs Brighton. Our Women’s Hockey teams have had a tough start to the year, with our 1st and 2nd teams sitting in 5th. Our Women's Hockey's 3rd team is currently third in their league but there is plenty of time to change that around. The Men’s teams have started strongly and are both second including a dominant 5-0 win from our 2nd team against Bucks New University. Volleyball has seen both teams winning and losing games so far and is coming in fourth in their leagues, but a special shoutout to our Women’s team who were able to get one up one of our Varsity rivals Surrey beating them 3-0.

Moving on to Tennis, we have had a mixed start to the year, with our Men's and Women's 1st teams both winning the only games they have played, and the Men's and Women's 2nd team sitting third and second respectively after three games each. Men's Basketball are third in their league with a tight victory away at Middlesex as their only fixture so far, whilst the Women’s team have had a tough start to the year losing both of their games. It has been a good start from our Badminton teams, with both our Men’s teams sitting third and our Women’s team unbeaten in three games but probably the strongest performances so far have been from our Squash team, who are first in their league with three wins!



Men’s Football has also had a good start to the year, with our 1st team sitting third in their league and our 2nd and 3rd teams both sitting second after thrashing Imperial's teams 5-0 and 7-0. Women’s Football has only played one game so far, so there’s a lot of time to get come back from their one defeat. Our Men's and Women's Rugby 1st teams have also endured a difficult start to the season, but our Men's 2nd team has started strongly sitting second in their league, including a 36-0 victory over Portsmouth. Finally, coming to Netball, our 1st, 3rd, and 4th teams have had difficult starts to the year, and our 2nd team is leading the way after three dominant wins against Brunel, Imperial and Portsmouth!

Big Bears Wednesday

On 17 November, it's Big Bears Wednesday which is a day where we have a high number of home fixtures played right here at our Sports Centre. The campus will be buzzing with support as our clubs battle for the win in their games. Something we have all noticed is that all of our teams are much stronger when you're cheering them on so make sure you are coming down to watch them compete - especially on 17 November!