Back Gate to Open 24 Hours

We’re proud to announce some really exciting news. The closing of the back gate at night is an issue that students have raised for as long as we can remember – when you’re heading home after long library visits and SU nights, the walk via Egham Hill can feel like a marathon. But we’ve finally been able to make a huge change happen and secure 24 hour opening of the back gate for you.

This is an absolutely brilliant development for students. When the Emily Wilding Davison Building opens in the autumn we know that campus is going to become more active at all hours, so whether you’ve got a train to catch at 5am, you’re working a late shift in the SU or you need to finish an essay for a midnight deadline, we know this change will make a big difference. 

This is a massive result for the Students’ Union – the most important part of our work is representing students and listening to what you want. So that’s exactly what we’ve done. The plans are still in the works, with many more updates to come, but we wanted to announce this big news to make sure you’re kept in the loop with how things develop.

This outcome is the product of years of work – from students calling for change through petitions and our Bright Ideas platform, to sabbatical officers having productive discussions with the College to make this happen. People often ask us what we do as officers, particularly how our attendance at College meetings can make a difference – this is proof that we really can influence decisions made by the College and get your voices heard.

So what next?

  • We know that 24 hour access won’t happen before the end of October 2017 due to the fact that planning permission is likely to be required.
  • The entrance will have some form of link to the College card to control access. That means we’ll be keeping you safe by making sure only authorised people can enter and leave at times when the gate would otherwise have been closed.
  • As the College is in the middle of a residential area, it’s important for us all to remember our responsibility with regards to noise. With that in mind, noise levels at the entrance will be managed tightly to make sure we’re not affecting local residents trying to get some sleep.  
  • The SU will be providing stewards during large events to make sure noise levels are low, but keep in mind that this decision can be reversed if students do not take their responsibilities seriously.

We’re so excited for this big change and we hope you are too! Keep an eye out for future updates on the progress of the back gate over the next few months. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Laura Lewis
Co-President, Welfare and Diversity