Blog: College Consultation on Academic Structures

The College has launched a consultation for its academic staff on proposed changes to its academic structures. The proposal suggests a new academic structure for College in which the three faculties that departments are currently grouped in (Arts & Social Sciences, Science, and Management, Economics & Law) are dissolved and departments are grouped in seven-ten schools.

The proposal was announced in a meeting for College staff on 12 September by Senior Vice-Principal (Academic), Professor Katie Normington, and a consultation on the proposal is now open for a month until 12 October.

Why Now?

The proposal observes that there is often a (perceived or real) disconnect between departments and asserts that this is driven by a desire to bring all parts of the College together and reduce the length of decision-making processes. The proposal also, crucially, places students’ academic interests at the heart of the proposal, expressing a desire to ensure a better student experience through an academic structure more appropriate for Royal Holloway, as the institution moves forward.

What has the SU been doing?

Your Students’ Union President and VP Education were formally informed of the proposal on 15 August by the Senior Vice-Principal (Academic), and have worked together with your VP Welfare & Diversity, VP Societies & Media and VP Sport to form a response to the College’s proposal. You can read more about the College’s proposal, including an FAQ with the timeline of the consultation, on the College intranet.

Clem Jones // President

Jack O'Neill // Vice President Education

Willow Wong // Vice President Welfare & Diversity

Holly Hughes // Vice President Societies & Media

Dom Brown // Vice President Sport