Blog: Equal Printing Credits for All Students

Before I started my role as Vice President, Welfare & Diversity, I was studying BA English and Philosophy as an international student from Malaysia/Singapore. As my academic department required draft copies of my essays, I had to fork out money so that I could afford to print out assignments at the College’s libraries. It wasn’t until the end of my second year that I realised my friends who are home/EU students were receiving more printing credits than me.

When I ran in the SU Elections to become a Vice President, I promised to students that I would lobby the college to fix this policy – and I did!

After speaking to IT Services to figure out the behind-the-scenes operations, it became obvious that there would be no drastic changes to the IT system if all students were to receive the same amount of printing credits. The next step was to present my case to the Principal, Paul Layzell.

At the College/SU Executive Committee, I spoke about the importance of student welfare and how international students who are paying more in tuition fees are entitled to be treated with equal respect. All the Vice-Principals agreed this is crucial to the College’s values and agreed to change.

I’m so excited to announce that all students will receive the £10 printing credits per term throughout their studies here at Royal Holloway, regardless of their background. This means all students will automatically have £10 credit to print out assignments at the library, with effect from the start of term two in January 2018.

It’s wonderful to see positive changes when students speak up and campaign for it – I’m beyond excited to continue advocating for the welfare benefits of all students here at Royal Holloway!

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