Blog: Exam Confusion Update

Were you caught up in the Managerial Accounting Management exam confusion yesterday? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and have moved swiftly to get this resolved for you.

Having been informed there were errors within yesterday’s paper, I got straight on the case with the College’s Director of Student Administration, Caroline Beck. The issue has been raised with the exams team who are following the procedure they have in place for such occasions.

We understand that yesterday will have been an extremely stressful and confusing time for you and we will fight to ensure that we get a positive result for students. Although rare, unfortunately errors on exam papers do crop up every year, and I wanted to share with you the process that is in place to deal with this.

What Happens If There Is An Error In An Exam Paper?

Should an error appear in an exam paper, the invigilator will provide a correction to all students or, if the error is significant, advise them not to answer the affected question(s) and provide extra time as appropriate to mitigate for the disruption.

What Happened Yesterday?

In this case this was the process that was followed. However, in one of the exam venues, only the student who raised the mistake with the invigilator in that particular venue, was informed of what to do, not the entire group who were taking the paper. 

What Happens Now?

The department have been informed of yesterday’s events and they will be provided with a full list of the students who did not receive the correct message, so this can be taken into account by the exams sub-board.

A communication will be sent to all students who were affected to confirm that the department is aware of what occurred and will be taking this into consideration in the marking of the examination, so they don’t need to submit individual extenuating circumstances.

Worried About Future Exams?

Student Administration have reassured us that yesterday’s error is an isolated incident and being dealt with accordingly. All exam papers go through a full scrutiny process in the relevant department before being given the all clear.

Please remember that it is very rare for you to experience an error in your exam paper so do your best to continue revising as normal for any upcoming exams.

Good luck to you all for the rest of the exam season and please remember you can always get in touch with me via email.