Blog: A Poem On Hockey's Successful Year

Lizzy Blackett, President of Royal Holloway Hockey Club, showcases her club's successful year so far, in a form of a creative poem:

We began the season

And no one yet knew

Of the success we would have

And how big we’d be too.


The Hockey Club numbers

Are the biggest they’ve been

With 1-3-1 members,

And freshers, oh-so keen.

As always the club

Has had socials each week

Beer Olympics, Pub Golf

In a fun, winning streak.


The return of our annual

‘Dress Your Fresh’

Was the highlight this year

In a glitter fuelled sesh.


With 80 players turn out,

It would be hard to top

But smart dinners proved

That the shapes never stop.


One hundred of hockey

In their finest smart dress

Dancing and eating

(Dodgy moves, we’ll confess).


From raffle to bake sale

And tournament too,

We’re £1000 in

But for, you ask, who?


By the end of the year

2000 we’ll raise

For a school in Africa

In their toughest of days.


St. Francis School, Zim,

Will be home to brand new

Classrooms and toys

And happiness too.


To Love in a Box

And the children involved

We gave the most boxes;

Christmas wishes were solved.


Through to Cup Quarter finals,

Were our Men’s 2s,

Who smashed clubs on Saturdays,

But in other news:


Standing solid in BUCS

After a 10-1 win:

Our Ladies 2s team.

Losing, for them, is a sin.


The Ladies 3s have had

Success in their clinch,

Smashing LUSL on weekends

Goodbye, Maddie Hinch!


And of course, our Men’s 1s

Who are top of the pile

Beating most teams in BUCS

With their scores by a mile.


Royal Holloway Hockey

Is home to five teams.

Onto our last,

Whose record just gleams;


Our Ladies 1s are the champs

of double promotion

Playing all of their games

with fight and devotion.


They have won the BUCS League –

No losing occurred -

And have big news from Monday,

If you haven’t heard.


They are BUCS Cup winners -

Two years in a row!

Bagging the 3-1 win -

Now, with medals in tow.


Champagne showers and photos

Are hardly enough

To give credit for winning.

At times, it was TOUGH.


These girls are the best

Ladies 1st team,

That in thirteen years,

The club has seen.

Soon will be Varsity,

And you should know,

We have two teams playing –

The stars of the show.


Our Men’s 1s take Stags

At 3:30pm -

Stand on the sideline

And show support for them.


Our Ladies 1s come next,

The final game of the day.

At 6pm sharp

They’ll begin to play.


A ‘team to watch’, They’ve been listed -

After drawing last year

But this season is ours.

So Stags, have great fear.


For now, we finish up

With this season’s story

We’ll hit Varsity hard

In search of even more glory.


Thank you, Hockey

For truly an incredible year.

My uni life would be nothing

Without you all here.


They say ‘one more year’

But we all know, in short,

No one stays for the essays

But for Holloway sport.