Blog: Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture has been the hot topic in education at Royal Holloway for some time and your VP Education Kate Roberts has some exciting updates.

A photograph of Kate Roberts the Vice President Education.

Here at the Students’ Union, we are committed to representing your academic interests and improving your educational experience at Royal Holloway, in fact, it’s the main part of my role as the Vice President Education!

Lecture Capture has been the hot topic in education at Royal Holloway, it’s something we know from our survey conducted last year that 98% of you said you would benefit from having, as well as being on the manifestos of all students who ran for the VP Education position. The lobbying agenda for Lecture Capture has come directly from student voices and has become a key example of you as students becoming involved, and committed to, your academic interests.

What has happened since the last update?

In the last update, we explained that a paper on the ‘accessibility of lecture content’ was passed at Academic Board, the highest College Committee for academic matters. This kick-started a Lecture Capture Working Group looking at the provision of technology across campus, which was deemed more than sufficient, and has hopefully turned the tide to ensuring Lecture Capture becomes a widespread practice.

Lecture Capture provision should be increasing this year, with more of your lectures being recorded than ever before. Which is a fantastic step based almost entirely on student voice bringing attention to the issue. However, we are not there yet!

As VP Education, I will continue to monitor the progress and use of Lecture Capture over the upcoming year.

So, how do I use Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture can be a fantastic additional resource to aid your learning and educational experience if utilised well. It enables you to revisit part of a lecture, to add to your notes or go over material for an essay or exam.

Lecture Capture is also there for you when you have an unavoidable emergency, but is very much an emergency resource, acting as an addition to your main learning. Lecturers will utilise Lecture Capture in the same way, to provide a supplementary resource for you. Ensuring you attend lectures alongside utilising Lecture Capture gives you the best educational experience and allows you to become more engaged in your course and modules.

Any recorded lectures should be linked to the Moodle page for your course and therefore easily accessible to you. You should start getting familiar with utilising it across the academic year and understand how you can use it best to aid your learning.

The campaign for Lecture Capture has been a fantastic example of how you can impact your own education, utilising your voice to make change. If you are interested in utilising your voice and becoming empowered to impact your own education, you could consider running to become an academic rep to represent your course, department or school. You can find out more information and how to nominate yourself on our dedicated elections hub.

If you have any questions or need any advice or guidance, remember you can get in contact with me on Facebook or via email.

Kate Roberts // Vice President Education