Blog: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

Since the STI clinic closed down on campus at the beginning of term one, students who wish to get tested are having to commute to the nearest sexual health clinics based in Slough or Bracknell which often have long waiting lists.

Until the college and the health centre work together to find a long-term solution to resume the STI clinic on campus, I’ve decided to run a one-week sexual health campaign to bring free STI testing back for students who need them.

All students, including sports clubs and societies, are encouraged to participate in the STI testing day on Monday 5 February, 11am-2pm at Tommy’s Lounge.

‘Let’s Talk About…’ campaign also proactively engages students in conversations about sexual health. Anything from common misconceptions about sex, the importance of consent and the role of pornography in our daily lives.

Over the course of the week, we’ll be publishing funny but informative articles and videos about sex/sexual health. Watch out for that on our social media!

I look forward to seeing you at these ‘Let’s Talk About…’ events:

STI Testing Day

Free STI testing is back on campus! As part of ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’, RHSU is providing free STI tests for students to promote sexual health. Drop by Tommy’s Lounge if you have any question about sexual health too!

'Let's Talk About Sex' Giveaway

Visiting the SU for market day? Collect a bag of freebies at Tommy’s Lounge – you’ll find all things awesome in our goodie bags like condoms, STI testing kits and personal safety alarms! Available to the first 100 students only.

GIAG: Make Your Member!

Do you know the anatomy of the human genitalia? Give It A Go is hosting a ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ event for everyone to make anatomically-correct genitalia, in exchange for a chance to win a mystery prize! Drop by Tommy’s Lounge to make your member!

Consent Workshop

Consent workshop is back! Join your sabbatical officers in a positive, informed and inclusive conversation about what consent is, how to ask for consent, and everything related!

Let’s Talk About Porn!

Porn. We know it, we watch it, but why? This panel discussion explores the role of pornography in our lives, featuring guest speakers with experience in academia and activism.

As always, feel free to contact me with ideas or questions via email or Facebook.