Blog: #LoveSUs

Happy #LoveSUs Day everyone! Today we take a moment to focus on why we love Students' Unions so much, and the amazing work that they can achieve. We sat down with some of your Officers to chat about what makes them love SUs so much. 

Clem Jones - President

“For me, the Students' Union represents so many different things, and I think that’s why I love it so much. The community feel is particularly important to me, be it casual drinks in The Packhorse, or working on a campaign with a group of dedicated activists. Throughout my time here, both as a student and an Officer, I’ve always felt like there were people around me who care, and the SU has been a huge part in facilitating that sense of community. We’re all part of one web of students, and whilst we all come from different backgrounds and have different views, there’s still nothing quite like the experience of taking a group selfie in the quads.”



Jack O'Neill - VP Education

"When I was a student at Royal Holloway, I was very involved in a variety of activities and events but since working for RHSU, I have realised that this was looking through a peephole, and when the door opened, the full complexity and variety of things that the Students' Union does is astonishing. Sometimes organisations get so stuck up on letting people know what they are doing, even if they aren't doing it, and I think what I most value about RHSU is the effort put into cases that simply won't get heard about. Things don't always work out, as is the case in any organisation, and within RHSU we don't just feel this, but we actively seek to rectify it. People refer to Royal Holloway as a community in itself, and if this is the case then the Students' Union is certainly the capital."



Dom Brown - VP Sport

“There’s a lot of variety at the SU, and I think that’s what I love about it. We do so much, which means there’s something for absolutely everyone. And it’s that inclusion that’s really important, because wherever you turn, there’s a place for you to go. The diversity of opportunity means that feeling left out is pretty rare. It still happens, but that’s the other great thing, is that there are plenty of support networks available to support people who might fall through the cracks. So that’s what I love about the SU – its variety.”