Blog: Study Space for PGTs

Thanks to successful lobbying from your VP Education, Clem Jones, and PGT rep, Daniella Cavender, from the 9 April to the 8 June, Postgraduate Taught students will be able to access the Postgraduate Research Room on the second floor of the Davison Building.

PGT students were able to access the PGR room for the first half of the Autumn Term, until swipe card access to the room was corrected to permit only PGR students. The College is committed to retaining the room as a hub for research students as part of their offering for the PGR community. However, in light of the confusion caused at the start of term one, the College have agreed to permit PGT students to access the room 9 April to 8 June for this academic year only.

This is a one-off arrangement to remedy the confusion caused earlier this year.

The Postgraduate Research room has been re-designated as a silent study area, so as to not disturb any students working within it.

The College is supportive of the SU’s request for a longer term review of study space across campus in consideration of the needs of the broader student population. This is something we will continue to lobby for as your elected representatives. It is important to note that we, as sabbatical officers, are here to represent all students, regardless if they are PGT and PGR. 

We are also committed to making sure PGR students feel represented at Royal Holloway, and so I will be meeting with them to discuss their concerns. If you have any questions and worries regarding this, don't hesitate to drop me an email.