Blog: Women's Rugby - Dominate And Destroy

2017/ 2018 has been a record-breaking year for Royal Holloway Women’s Rugby. Membership has reached new heights with 42 paid members, all eager to dominate and destroy on and off the pitch!

The Women’s Rugby Bears are the ruling the league tables. Only losing one BUCS 1A game this season, the team are on track to smash records set since the club was established and sustain their powerful position ready for the next season. Along with the BUCS Wednesday matches, the Bears are undefeated in their LUSL Premier league, with over 100-point goal difference to the team second in the league.

With the increased publicity and attention towards Women’s Rugby at an international level, it has been wonderful to see a team grow to such a powerful force, with the majority of girls never playing a match before university. This season, the first game the women played together they beat the opponent 53-7, only conceding one try in 80 minutes- a great achievement for all involved.

The team has developed a robust structure of play, combining both forward strength to draw in the opposition and back’s quick hands and smart play to create spaces and try opportunities. One factor which has sustained the team’s success this season is the ability to work as a team to defeat any obstacle.

Whether it be poor pitch conditions, stronger oppositions or a gruelling game, the team has pulled together and defeated the opposition, making every try scored a team effort. This can be seen with the vast variety of try scorers in the team, with many girls scoring their first tries in their first ever season of rugby.

With such a successful 2017/2018 season, it will be fantastic to see the team progress next year. The team’s performance has solidified their place in 1A and demonstrated to competitors that the Bears are here to stay!