Celebrate in style!

With our virtual Society and Colours Awards quickly approaching, VP Societies & Sport Lucy Brown shares some creative ideas to help you celebrate as a group.

Society Awards (26 April) and Colours Awards (28 April) are quickly approaching and I am so excited to be able to celebrate your achievements this year!

Although awards are virtual this year, there are still plenty of different ways you and your group can celebrate, so I have pulled together a few ideas for you to take inspiration from. I am sure many of you will also have some incredible ideas too, which I cannot wait to see and share.

Watch Party

Easy to plan and a lot of fun, simply organise an all members call so you can talk the night away and watch the awards go live, together whilst apart.

If you really want to step things up, here are a few extras you could include for your watch party:

Pre-awards social

In a normal year, everyone would be out on Founder's Field, socialising and taking photos, so why not start your call from 5.30pm and have your own social beforehand! 

You can make use of ‘Together Mode’ on MS Teams and utilise some fun backgrounds for you all to take your pictures in.

Dress to the nines 

Just because awards are virtual this year, it does not mean you can’t get all decked out for the occasion! So get out those evening gowns and tuxedos, join the call in your best outfit, and let’s really feel like we are celebrating. 

Maybe your group will run a competition for the best dressed or have all members come in fancy dress? Why not get each member to send in a catwalk video entry to the committee which can be collated into a full video?

Cocktail bar 

In the lead up to awards night, share on your social media some of your favourite drinks and cocktails/mocktails, including an ingredients list and recipe, that your members can make for themselves at home.

We have also managed to secure a 10% discount code for crates of VK - simply head to goodtimein.co.uk and enter AWARDS10 at checkout. There is no minimum spend but codes are limited to one per customer.


Awards nights as a general rule should never take place without decorations, so why not decorate your room to join your watch party. Who do you think will show up with the best decorations? Or you could compete against each other to have the best homemade only decorations!


Have each member draw up a bingo card of words and/or phrases they think will feature throughout the awards ceremony - the first to call ‘bingo!’ wins!


Your group could run a sweepstake-style activity where all members are given a few groups and the winner is the member with the Society/Club of the Year in their list.

Social Media

Awards are being broadcast from @SURHUL Instagram, but I will be sharing all the groups' pictures of virtual celebrations on the story of my @RHSUSocSport account so make sure you tag me in anything you post to make sure I can see it and share it! 

Pub Afterparty

Awards are taking place the week of 26 April, so why not book a few tables at either The Packhorse or Medicine and attend in groups of six after all awards have been announced for a celebratory afterparty!

Remember, you are subject to the guidelines in any venue and social distancing should be maintained at all times. You must complete a risk assessment for any social events your group is planning, regardless of the location.

Just a reminder, Society Awards are on Monday 26 April and Colours Awards on Wednesday 28 April taking place from 7pm on the SU Instagram (@SURHUL).