Colours Ball 2023 Round-Up

Well that was an amazing Colours Ball, right? And I bet your Instagram feeds were spammed with pics from Colours Ball or group pics outside Founder's. As Term Two has come to an end, we thought we'd give you a little recap of all the award winners!

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Well that was an amazing Colours Ball, right? And I bet your Instagram feeds were spammed with pics from Colours Ball or group pics outside Founder's.

Check out the photos

It was brilliant to see so many of you at the Hilton Hotel for our annual Colours Ball. There was a variety of awards up for grabs from Half Colours to Club of the Year.

I’m so proud of all of our clubs and I may have shed a couple of tears (of happiness) whilst presenting. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. The work you all put into your clubs is outstanding and so inspiring! Special shout out to the committee members who make it all happen - hint, hint if student group elections are coming up!

A massive thank you to all of you! And another thank you, to our lovely Student Opportunities team, Marketing & Communications team and the Entertainment & Events team to deliver this gorgeous event. We couldn’t have done it without you!

And as a little reminder, here is a recap of all the award winners:

Colours Ball 2023 Roll of Honour

Group Awards

Spotlight Award – Women’s Rugby (winner)

Sustainability Award – Cheerleading and Dance (Winner), Tennis (runner-up)

Sophie Christiansen Shield – Women’s Rugby (winner), Lacrosse (runner-up)

Fundraising and Impact Award – Netball (winner), Lacrosse (runner-up)

Most Improved Club – Ultimate Frisbee (winner), Rowing (runner-up)

Team of the Year – Women’s Football 1s (winner), Tennis Mixed 1s (runner-up)

Club of the Year – Women’s Rugby (winner), Cheerleading and Dance (runner-up)

Individual Awards

Half Colours

  • Emeka Anochirim
  • David Boateng-Bekyir
  • Shauna Punjabi
  • Oliver Brown
  • Alwaaz Rahman
  • Jemma Woolf
  • Holly Holgate
  • Alina Lalayan
  • Arina Lugavstova
  • Veronique McEnery
  • Esme Potter
  • Isabel Honour
  • Sophie Cutler
  • Katherine pugh
  • Jeevanjot Singh Grewal
  • Raphael Felizardo
  • Ryan Mok
  • Van Don Nguyen
  • George Boon
  • Zane Kaif
  • Molly Makin
  • Elizabeth Howard
  • Daisy Henson
  • Emma Smith
  • Eleni Psyllides
  • Scott Plumridge
  • Hanna Sampson
  • Patrick Mead
  • Lydia Skirton
  • Ella Slater
  • Zaynah Faiz
  • Lydia Akkache
  • Hannah Morrison
  • Ellie Finch
  • Alice Mathieu
  • Milvia Gonsalves
  • Amelia Satur
  • Raynor Murray

Full Colours

  • Lewis Cox
  • Julianna Ostrovska
  • Nemiah Munir
  • Chloe Baker
  • Antonia Campbell
  • Ben Haselden
  • Olamikun Adeosun
  • Max Wilson
  • Blake woods
  • Daisy Henson
  • Alice Deckers
  • Antoinette Chastang
  • Harrison Clinton
  • Gemma Heath
  • Paul Holland
  • Aisling Gray
  • Isabella Usmar
  • Francesca Sanderson


  • Ailbhe Samson
  • Karia Hartung
  • Maya Rowles
  • Sammy Lack
  • Joseph Ronchetti


  • Aisling Gray
  • Amelia Satur
  • Darcy Currah
  • George Pridham
  • Scott Plumridge
  • James Dowrich
  • Holly Alexander
  • Katie Hillman
  • Amy Davies
  • Peter Collier
  • Emily Thomas
  • Zane Kaif
  • Naomi Bell
  • Joey Neuville
  • Rachel Wickett