Common Mistakes To Avoid During Freshers’ Festival

With that confirmation from Royal Holloway in your grasp, the switch from the comforts of living at home to flying solo in halls is inevitable. This also means you are sure to make a fair few bloopers during Freshers’ Festival.

Whether you’re debating to throw your whites in with colours (prepare yourself for pink pants) or deciding to take that last shot before heading down to the Students’ Union for a night out (probably a great idea then, terrible idea the next day), here are a few common mistakes that make Freshers’ Festival a bit of a rough rollercoaster ride.

Going Too Big, Too Early

As a fresher entering the domains of university life, you’ll be faced with lots of opportunities to go out and party. That means it's more important than ever to pace yourself and never drink to excess. 

At the end of the day, we're all here to have a great time, be that showing off your quirky dance moves to your new university mates or proving you can do Dele Alli's new celebration, so don't let a good night go bad by going too big. And remember, drinking isn't compulsory and you should never feel pressured into drinking. If you feel like you are being you can speak to any of our security team on a night who will be on hand to help you out.

If you are drinking here's a few of our top tips. Don't go out on an empty stomach - Domino's have some cracking offers if you're still struggling to master the oven - and make sure to keep hydrated throughout the night. There's free water available at all our bars so intersperse your drinks with this or grab a soft drink (we charge a flat rate of £1 on these so they're always affordable). There's no shame in doing so. 

Finally, remember that there's a whole load of alcohol-free events taking place across the week if you don't want to be in a club environment. 

Blowing A Chunk Of Your Student Loan On Things You Don’t Need

Sure, it may seem like you need a new pair of Yeezys to impress all your new mates, but let us warn you – winter is coming. And with that being said, there’s nothing worse than being bogged down with deadlines and not being able to afford food in December.

It is easy to become smitten by the large sum of money arriving into your bank account. Don’t fall into the trap of rose-tinted glasses – budgeting will allow you to enjoy more opportunities throughout the year.

Believing That The First Few People You Meet Are Your Soulmates

You are bound to meet loads of different people during Freshers’ Festival. It’s also likely that you’ll meet one or two people that stand out from the rest as potential candidates for best friends or partners.

Sadly, the people who you may have been inseparable with could later become people you actively look to avoid.

But this doesn’t mean you should dismiss anyone you first meet quickly. Plenty of people do meet their best friends and potential romances during this time but bear in mind that you will also have a full year to make friends. Don’t limit yourself to a few people.

Missing Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Fair is considered one of the most important events on the calendar. It allows you to actively engage with clubs and societies that may end up becoming an important part of your university life while also giving you the chance to bag a ton of freebies from big brands.

It's a good idea to try out any sports clubs you're interested in during their taster sessions that take place during week one and two. After this point, any squad based sports will generally begin to select players from those that have tried out due to the limited number of places available. 

Don't worry if you don't make a squad though, there's loads of opportunities for social sport across the University including with the Active programme run by the College.

Forgetting To Look After Yourself

FOMO (fear of missing out) is something that is all too familiar with all freshers. You may well end up going out to five of the late-night events in a row, whilst simultaneously waving goodbye to your energy, money and healthy body.

Because of this, you need to watch out for freshers’ flu, and the only way to combat it is to eat your greens, drink lots of water, a healthy dose of vitamin C and get plenty of sleep.

Try and lay off beige food, otherwise, your insides will probably refuse to agree with you after your week of late nights and hangover food.

FYI: Guinness does not count towards your five a day…