Eating Healthy and Cheaply!

Next up in the series of blogs to celebrate her Eat Well, Feel Well nutrition campaign, VP Welfare & Diversity Lucy Simpson gives you some tips on how to keep a balanced diet without having to spend too much money.

As students we often struggle with keeping down costs. The cost of living is ever increasing, and maintenance loans, if we even get them, aren’t always enough to cover for everything.

Taking care of our diet is extremely important, as it has a significant impact on our education, grades, physical and mental health. But if we’re struggling with finances, sometimes it can seem hard to keep your bank accounts from shaking and maintain a well-balanced diet all at the same time.

So I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you eat well and cheaply!

Pulses and beans

Pulses and beans are a really great way to bulk out food and are super cheap.

Get freezy!

Frozen vegetables are cheaper and longer lasting than fresh vegetables, and often have higher nutritional value as they are frozen immediately after picking! You can buy premade smoothie packs to help save you time.

Shop online

For specialist items, remember to always look online. Things like cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods can be cheaper online.

Bulk, bulk, bulk

Buy in bulk. Items that don’t go off, like toilet paper and washing powder are often cheaper (per item) to buy in bulk.

Prep the week away!

Meal prep! By prepping food in advance, you can save loads of money buying ready meals and having to eat lunches out, the same goes for teas and coffee. Think about buying a thermos flask you can bring in your own hot drinks. Also, if you like tea, bringing in your own teabags and asking for hot water is free!

This also helps you save money on expensive and unhealthy takeaways. Cooking meals in advance and freezing them is a really good way to cut down time and effort.

Market Day

If you want fresh fruit and vegetables at great prices, head to the market at the SU on Tuesdays. They have a huge range of fresh fruit and veg, and it’s delicious!

If you need further information on how to stay healthy, have a look here.

Lucy Simpson // Vice President Welfare & Diversity